Between the rapid rate at which technology advances and the growing cybersecurity skills shortage, the digital threats businesses have to prepare for are not getting any less critical. Bulletproof’s Annual cybersecurity industry report 2020 found that 74% of businesses feel they don’t have the staff to protect themselves from cyber threats. This leaves professionals working within the cybersecurity industry with a lot of responsibilities to juggle and often only minimal resources to support them.

When it comes to cybersecurity, you can never be too careful. Cutting corners will only put your business at more risk, especially when time and resources are already limited.

Knowing how to streamline the processes in such a way that they become efficient without compromising on their effectiveness is critical to protecting your business. Here are our tips to streamlining your cybersecurity practices without rising your digital safety.

Automate your processes

When resources are tight, automation can offer a more efficient approach without cutting corners. A lot of organisations lose the valuable time and effort of their cybersecurity staff to monotonous manual tasks, such as running reports and collating the information provided by separate monitoring tools.

By using software that performs these operations for you, you can better utilise the talent of your existing staff so they can focus on more complicated matters. For instance, having a programme that can flag if any of your essential protective measures aren’t running effectively means that manual reports won’t eat away at your team’s precious time.

Keep relevant, real time logs

Make sure you’re keeping track of all relevant information in such a way that you can access as soon as you need it. Clear out any unnecessary data so your systems don’t get clogged with pointless information. This will make it easier to find the most pertinent facts if you face an emergency that requires a fast resolution.

It also has the added benefit of adhering to a variety of compliance regulations, which in turn offer numerous proven advantages across your business.

Make your data as accessible as possible

Make sure you know where the information you need is before you need it. Keep a comprehensive database of your infrastructure so you can trace the activity of any software on any machine in your network.

A good way to boost efficiency when it comes to finding necessary data is to collate the information your cybersecurity tools provide into a single pane. This makes it easy to find and navigate to the data you need to identify and mitigate any issues as quickly as possible.


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