Actionable Alerts

ThreatAware is designed by a team of infrastructure security experts who know exactly what good looks like.  It is verifies that certain conditions are met and if they are not, an alert is generated.

This approach as opposed to taking all of the native errors and alerts means that each alert generated by ThreatAware comes with a clear instruction on how to resolve.  This means that you do not waste any time reviewing alerts which you cannot do anything about.
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Using decades of experience in managing IT systems, our team meticulously review each tools we are integrating with.  We pinpoint the key purposes of each tool and then report accordingly if the tool is not fulfilling one of its objectives.  For example if your Office 365 account doesn’t have MFA enabled or your Antivirus protection has been disabled, we will alert you.

Simple Alerts

The alerting mechanisms means that everyone can see the status any component at a glance.  The alerting is green means no alerts, amber is a minor issue and red is a major fault.

Red, Amber, Green…simple.


Each alert task can be delegated easily within the system to various members within your team.  This ensures that they are resolved efficiently.  Not assigned alerts are highlighted so that these can quickly be assigned to the relevant member of the team.

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