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Efficient, effective, intelligent

Take action,
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Combining an intelligent, automated asset inventory with intelligent, automated alerts, ThreatAware offers the most comprehensive understanding of your cybersecurity posture and the most efficient and effective method of resolving threats. Packaged in a clear, red-amber-green style, proactive and actionable alerting means it’s never been easier to get a real-time view of all the risks your organisation needs to address.

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Get more security out of your entire IT stack

Using decades of experience in managing IT security, our team meticulously reviews each system we’re integrating with, creating an ever growing library of independent and unique alerts that you can use to solve issues. We also pinpoint the key purposes of each of your systems and report automatically when we think they’re not fulfilling their objectives.

Resolve issues instantly

Most alerts come with an automated one-click action your team can use to resolve issues instantly. Even better, alerts can be actioned in bulk, across remote and on-premise machines, reducing what used to be weeks of work into a matter of seconds. If no immediate action is available, use the simple instructions that come with the alert to close the ticket.

Focus on what matters

Too many alerts, not enough staff? ThreatAware is designed by a team of infrastructure security experts who know exactly what good looks like. In-built intelligence curates threats and organises data into a simple traffic light system, so you can prioritise the issues of most importance.

Never drop the ball

Each alert task can be delegated easily within the system to different members in your team. This ensures ownership is never a problem, and issues are always resolved efficiently. Any alerts that aren’t assigned are clearly highlighted, so you always know what’s being taken care of, and what’s left to do.

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