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Compliance: covered

Unify your security reports

ThreatAware is the easiest way to report cyber risk to your board, customers and third-party regulatory bodies. Simply select the compliance standards you want to follow, and let the platform connect the dots between all of your systems, networks and users.

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Do it right, do it once

Schedule and manage all your compliance standards and internal processes with built-in deduplication. ThreatAware consolidates all the controls and questions which are similar to ensure that you maximise your time. No matter how many standards and laws you need to comply with, managing them efficiently won’t be a problem.

Instant reports

Your boss and external auditors no doubt still love reports. With ThreatAware your compliance reports are available in a few clicks. Simply select the standard you wish to report on, adjust any filters and your PDF report is ready to send.


Demonstrating compliance to external auditors is a lot easier if you have a record of how your organisation has responded to issues. When you connect your systems to ThreatAware, every policy and procedure change is automatically logged — and the information can be generated instantly for auditors to review.

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