Compliance Management

Schedule and manage all of your compliance standards and internal processes with built-in deduplication.

With the number of standards and laws that you need to comply to it makes it very difficult to manage them all efficiently.  ThreatAware consolidates all the controls and questions which are similar to ensure that you maximise your time.
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Do it right, do it once

With so many different standards the duplication of controls between standards is already an issue which will only get worse.  ThreatAware aggregates all controls which are similar across multiple standards into one question.

This approaches means that you are not wasting any time doing the same thing for a different standard.  Additionally we have seen a higher standard being delivered due only doing it once.

Full Audit

Every change that is adjusted to your policies and procedures which are related to your standards is logged.  If a particular control is not adhered to within the set schedule this is all audited.  This makes it a lot easier to demonstrate compliance when you have an external auditor.

Simple Alerts

The alerting mechanisms means that all parties who are involved with compliance are able to see the status at a glance.  The alerting is green means compliant, red is non-compliant and amber is a fix is booked to address a non-compliance.

Red, Amber, Green…simple.

Instant Reports

Your boss and auditors no doubt still love reports.  With ThreatAware your compliance reports are available in a few clicks.  Simply select the standard you wish to report on, adjust any filters and you have a PDF report ready to send.

See for yourself how easy it can be to achieve great cyber hygiene

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