Configuration Checks

Automatically checks that all cloud app security features are configured correctly on all devices

Intentional or unintentional configuration changes can pose a significant risk to IT security. ThreatAware generates real-time configuration checks meaning those responsible for IT security are aware of potential risks as soon as they happen.
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Don’t get caught out

The sad truth about lots of cyber attacks is they are entirely avoidable and the fixes are sometimes a click of a button.  ThreatAware alerts if any of the cybersecurity fundamentals of a product are not enabled.  For example if an AWS S3 bucket is set to Public or you haven’t enabled WAF on your CloudFlare account.

Constantly Updated

We review all of the API changes for each product we monitor.  Therefore as vendors’ best practices changes so does our platform to align with these.

Here to help

If you need additional help for configuring your Cloud Apps correctly or want to understand more about a risk.  Our team of expert consultants are on hand to assist if needed.  We are available via phone, email, chat or even in person if required.

See for yourself how easy it can be to achieve Great Cyber Hygiene

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