Take control of your Cyber Hygiene without taking your time.

ThreatAware automates the repetitive but critical cyber hygiene tasks that ensure your business remains secure.  This means you can focus on bigger and more interesting endeavours.
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How to prevent ransomware

Smart Inventory

Automatically find all of your computers, regardless of where they are or how they are connected to your business.  If they are accessing your Cloud Apps or data, ThreatAware will find them.
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Config Checks

If your Cloud apps are not set to utilise the best security they have to offer, ThreatAware will automatically let you know.
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Compliance Management

Easily manage your compliance for the information security standards that you need to adhere to.
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Actionable Alerts

Clear and easy to understand alerts in a standard red, amber, green style.  Each alert has a corresponding instruction for how to resolve the issue and our team is on hand should you need help.
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Missing Agents

System checks alert if their agent is not installed on any workstations.  This ensures that you have full coverage of all of your security tools, regardless if the workstation is on-premise, remote or BYOD.
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See how well your security tools are working over time and understand what your normal is so you can quickly see anomalies.
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