In its 2019 SMB Cyberthreat Study, Keeper Security found that one in four senior decision makers wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to their cybersecurity. A lack of understanding, particularly at leadership levels, can have a ripple effect on an organisation’s security culminating in serious damages caused by cyberattacks and data breaches.

Cybersecurity is critical to the success of any business, so you need to be confident that it is working at full capacity and have an understanding of its functionality. You need to be able to measure the effectiveness of your cybersecurity software and strategies in clear, quantifiable ways.

ThreatAware shows you the data from all the tools protecting your digital infrastructure. This means it not only shows you that you are protected, but what this software is actually doing.

It shows you how you are protected.

The information it collects identifies where your business exists within the digital landscape and how it interacts, without your knowledge, with other actors in the environment. The dashboard presents this data clearly, in a way anyone can understand.

Often, just setting up ThreatAware can reveal a lot of things you didn’t realise about your cybersecurity.

Not every device in your infrastructure is as well protected as you think it is

Businesses need to keep track of many different pieces of hardware. Every member of staff will likely have at least one computer. Some might have an additional laptop or a work mobile phone. Some people might access their work accounts from personal devices, only complicating your organisation’s infrastructure.

Even if you think you have all your cybersecurity programmes running effectively, it’s incredibly easy to miss one or two. If a single device isn’t protected, your entire network is left open to hackers.

Maybe someone is accessing work emails from a personal tablet riddled with viruses. Maybe there’s a vulnerability in a laptop you forgot you had, abandoned in a cupboard somewhere but still connected to your network. The entry point of the JP Morgan data breach that compromised the data of 83 million account holders was just one forgotten server.

If you don’t have complete visibility of every device that handles your business information, you can’t know for sure you are safe.

Old, unpatched machines leave your entire network open to attacks that have been preventable for years. This is why WannaCry is still one of the most active attacks, two years after it famously infected over 200,000 computers.

ThreatAware provides the visibility necessarily to complete cybersecurity through the Smart Inventory, a live directory of every device in your network that updates automatically. You can see immediately if anything within your infrastructure isn’t covered. As soon as ThreatAware connects to your network, it identifies if there is even one machine that isn’t fully protected and which programmes aren’t running.

Often, businesses don’t realise how many gaps are in their cybersecurity until a hacker has already taken advantage of it – or the ThreatAware Smart Inventory catches it.

Your devices might already be compromised

Just because you haven’t noticed yet, doesn’t mean someone isn’t already in your space. A recent survey found that only 42% of UK organisations can tell when an internet-connected device has been compromised.

Cybercriminals are opportunistic and will get into any vulnerability they can. They can then stay there undetected, maybe trying to send out spam via your channels, maybe waiting until they stand to gain the most out of your data.

Often, a hacker in your system isn’t there because they’re targeting you. They’re there because they happen to be able to exploit a vulnerability in your system. They might not specifically want your data, but once they have access to it they can find someone prepared to pay for it.

The data ThreatAware collects from your cybersecurity tools shows you not only which devices are already compromised, but the kind of software they are infected with and the malicious connections they activate. As soon as ThreatAware is installed, you’ll be able to see all the botnets that have been hiding within your infrastructure, waiting for the right time to capitalise on your information.

Your organisation is constantly under attack

demo-threataware-dashboard-trendsHacking is a game of opportunity. There are certainly some cybercriminals who will invest time and resources into creating malware capable of taking on the strong defences of large companies for a big pay-out.

But it’s easier to make money targeting commonly missed gaps in the cybersecurity of smaller businesses, taking advantage of systems that haven’t been patched even when vulnerabilities have been publicly disclosed. Criminals don’t know which companies are up to date and which aren’t, so they’ll attack all of them. Throw a wide enough net and you’ll catch something.

It was reported last year that UK small businesses are targeted by as many as 65,000 cyberattacks per day. You just don’t notice when your cybersecurity is working sufficiently, or when hackers are cunning enough to hide their tracks.

This is highlighted when you look closely at data in ThreatAware Trends. This offers clear and instant visibility of how frequently you are under attack. It can identify when you are being actively targeted by an attacker as well as show you what normal cyber activity looks like.

Your cybersecurity needs to be prepared to adapt

Technology evolves at an incredible pace. Businesses prepared to take calculated risks embrace new developments to explore new ways of working. Digital security needs to keep up, or you leave yourself open to attacks that emerge alongside new technology.

Even if your business isn’t using cutting edge technology, you still need to ensure that your cybersecurity software and strategy is updated frequently to be effective against an evolving landscape of cyber threats. Cybersecurity processes need to be reviewed on a regular basis to check that they are still practical six months down the line, when the attacks your company face have changed.

ThreatAware’s real time dashboard pinpoints threats that exist in the digital environment and keeps logs tracking how they change over time. It alerts you when the software that should be keeping you safe is no longer functioning as effectively as when it was new. It provides data that is accurate in real time to inform the decisions you make about your cybersecurity.


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