Too many tools & services

to monitor effectively

On average an IT Team has 14 business critical tools and services that they are responsible for maintaining from a security perspective.
Just to login to this many, yet alone manage would take over an hour.

Uncover gaps in cyber security

Aggregates and analyses data across your existing cyber security tools, to find where they are missing or not performing correctly.

Save Time With Single View

Brings all of the systems you need to manage from a security standpoint into one view.

Integrates with existing tools

Agentless design integrates with your existing tools, giving full visibility without anything to install.

Transforming the way our clients approach cybersecurity

So simple…



Authorise the API for all of your Cloud app, security and networks.



Immediately ThreatAware scans all of the newly added systems and builds its Smart Inventory.



All cyber hygiene alerts are generated with clear instructions on how to resolve them.

See for yourself how easy it can be to achieve Great Cyber Hygiene

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