All-In-One SME

Cyber Hygiene Solution

ThreatAware is a Cyber Hygiene Management solution that makes protecting your business simple, fast and easy.  Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on the enjoyable aspects of your job.

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Connects to your existing Cloud apps, Cybersecurity tools and Cloud managed networks.
Simple Red, Amber, Green alerting, stay secure at a glance.
All of your internal checks and compliance standards pulled together for fast, accurate compliance management.

Get Value From Your Existing

Cloud Security Tools

Never Miss Critical Issues

All of the hidden issues in the many Cloud systems you manage are now surfaced in a simple Red, Amber, Green view.

Save Time With Single View

Brings all of the systems you need to manage from a security standpoint into one view.

Be An Expert Of Everything

Even if you don’t know a system well ThreatAware will highlight any security issue and give you a clear instruction on how to fix it.

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