What’s included?

Complete management of your cybersecurity tools, people and processes, plus intelligent monitoring and alerting, presented in a simple, easy to use dashboard.

Active Checks

Security alerts, historical trends and inventory data, for all of your monitored security tools.

Operational Checks

A scheduling, alerting, auditing and reporting tool for GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and Cyber Essentials compliance.

Essential Security Tools

The optional ThreatAware Enhanced bundle includes Webroot Antivirus, Cisco Umbrella and Automox.

Technical Support

From 9:00am-6:00pm, Monday to Friday, our London support team can assist by phone, email or live chat.

Implementation process


Test ThreatAware

We have created a fully functional demo site that you can log into and play around with, so you can better understand what ThreatAware has to offer.

Try ThreatAware

Purchase ThreatAware

Call or email the team to discuss a plan best suited to your business.


Email confirmation

It takes around 30 minutes for the team to set up your dedicated ThreatAware environment, once complete you will receive an email confirmation.


Enter API keys

With the help of our video user guide you will need to gather the API key for each security tool. You can then enter the API keys directly into your ThreatAware environment.


Operational Checks Wizard

Next you will need to select which standards and regulations are relevant to your business within the Operational Checks Wizard (takes around 30 minutes). You can also add any custom checks.


Start using ThreatAware

Congratulations, you’ve just made the first step towards taking control and effectively managing your cybersecurity.

Supported tools


Monitors the number of machines protected, blocked infections, infected devices and update status.

Content delivery network

Identifies number of unique hits, blocked threats, and security weaknesses due to configuration vulnerabilities.

Client web proxy

Monitors number of machines protected, malware blocked, Command and Control detected and security weaknesses due to configuration vulnerabilities.


Manages inbound/outbound traffic, number of blocked threats and security weaknesses due to configuration vulnerabilities.

Email filtering

Assesses type of inbound and outbound traffic and security weaknesses due to configuration vulnerabilities.


Highlights number of failed and successful backups and security weaknesses due to configuration vulnerabilities.

Patch management

Identifies number of machines protected and out-of-date machines.


Ensures Office 365 is set up and configured to maximise the great security features available, including 2FA and auditing.


Monitors your protected machines and ensures your Sophos products are up-to-date with real time status alerts.

Can't see the tool you're looking for?

We're continually adding to our list of supported tools, so if you’re using an alternative Cloud based product that we don’t currently support, please contact us to discuss adding it to the list.

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