The Centre for Internet Security (CIS) has brought together knowledge from across the global IT community to establish the best practice when it comes to cybersecurity. Their full list of CIS Controls contains 20 guidelines that they recommend every organisation follow in order to be safe in the digital environment.

Of those 20, six are highlighted as Basic Security Controls that are essential to defending against common cyberattacks and preventing data breaches.

For small businesses in particular, this can still be a lot to stay on top of.

ThreatAware streamlines cybersecurity management to reduce digital risk and give you more visibility of and control over your infrastructure. Here is how our platform helps you to manage the CIS 6 Basic Security Controls.


Inventory and control of hardware assets

No one is making the effort to protect a device they’ve forgot even exists, so complete asset management is at the foundation of good cybersecurity.

ThreatAware’s Smart Inventory is a live directory of every device that accesses your business data. It connects automatically and agentlessly to every machine via your Office 365. It keeps a complete record of your digital infrastructure that updates in real time.

Inventory and control of software assets

Just because you’re paying for a license to use a programme, doesn’t mean that it is properly installed or functioning as it should. With many organisations requiring dozens of programmes to streamline their processes, it can be easy to miss when software is out of date or has disconnected completely.

The Smart Inventory scans every device in your network and verifies that each one is properly protected by Antivirus, Encryption, Patching and Web Filtering. It identifies when there are gaps in your cybersecurity and aids you in the resolution of any issues.

Continuous vulnerability management

A proactive approach to cybersecurity means continually assessing the landscape in which your business exists for new threats and making decisions based on up-to-date information. New vulnerabilities can emerge at any time.

ThreatAware updates in real time and notifies you whenever a risk is detected. It alerts you whenever your cybersecurity software is out-of-date or due an update to prevent gaps developing in your protection. The trend data it keeps makes it easy to analyse the evolution of cyber risks and identify anomalies in the threats your businesses face.

Controlled use of administrative privilege

Restricting access to sensitive information to only those who need it for work minimises the damage a breach can cause. Ensuring that privileged accounts follow best practice cybersecurity processes adds extra layers of defence around key data.

ThreatAware alerts you whenever measures such as multifactor authentication are inactive on any device in your infrastructure.

The Operations platform allows you to add business specific policies to your dashboard. If you implement protocols within your organisation that define your control of user access, you can track and audit them alongside other cybersecurity and compliance standards.

Secure configurations for hardware and software on mobile devices, laptops, workstations and servers

Your cybersecurity should be tailored to your unique business needs. If you’re using an external provider, you need to know that their security strategy compliments yours and that will continue to do so after every review.

ThreatAware alerts you whenever your software needs updating and shows you every gap in your cybersecurity. This allows you to take a proactive approach to your strategy, using real time data to determine what programmes and policies are going to best suit your needs.

Once your ideal cybersecurity system has been established, ThreatAware Systems actively monitors your tools while Operations streamlines the implementation and management of your policies.

Maintenance, monitoring an analysis of audit logs

Comprehensive analyses of information recorded by your cybersecurity tools will put you in the best position to make informed decisions when protecting your business. But manually collecting data from multiple different tools can mean that your information is out of date by the time it is ready to be examined.

ThreatAware collates information from all your cybersecurity tools automatically and presents them in one place. It collects data over time and creates audits that can be easily downloaded or shared electronically as thorough reports. It provides a consolidated view of all the information you need to identify trends and anomalies in cyber activity and reflect on the effectiveness of your cybersecurity strategy.


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