A report by Forrester Consulting published earlier this year found that technology currently employed by most businesses does not do an effective job of providing a “complete, real-time view of cybersecurity risk”.

Many organisations feel a false sense of security when they invest a lot of money into expensive tools. But these often don’t offer comprehensive protection. Businesses are limited in their capacity to effectively utilise their tools by several factors, including an inability to see cybersecurity data quickly.

The Forrester report identified the seven most common challenges contemporary businesses face when it comes to cybersecurity.

Luckily, all these concerns can be mitigated by ThreatAware. Here is how we do it.


Controlling coverage gaps across security functions (56%)

It’s understandably difficult to juggle multiple security tools across a diverse and growing network. Alerts that come as standard with many programmes don’t always tell you if the software you’ve paid for isn’t properly installed. You might not realise there is a gap in your coverage until after it has been exploited.

ThreatAware’s Smart Inventory automatically scans every device that connects to your infrastructure to check that your tools are running properly.

The dashboard updates in real time and alerts you as soon as it registers a gap. If any of your tools aren’t running on every machine in your network, ThreatAware informs you instantly.

Viewing a comprehensive list of assets across the organization (43%)

Asset management isn’t the most exciting element of cybersecurity, but it is fundamental to getting it right. Contemporary businesses have a consistently expanding network comprised of machines of all kinds, from traditional desktops to whatever laptop or smartphone someone might use to check their emails remotely.

ThreatAware’s Smart Inventory keeps a live directory of your entire digital infrastructure. Using Outlook as a reference point, it automatically adds any device that accesses your business data to the Inventory.

This allows you to track every machine handling your information and know that it is fully protected.

Collecting, normalizing, aggregating, deduplicating, and correlating disparate data (39%)

ThreatAware connects agentlessly to your cloud-based software. It collects information from each tool and collates it into a single platform.

Dashlets provide a comprehensive overview of the data from individual tools, clearly displayed in one place.

Your data is analysed automatically so ThreatAware can identify the risk of a cybersecurity event. This removes the need to run multiple separate reports and compare them manually.

Whenever a risk is detected, ThreatAware alerts you immediately. When you want to check over your data yourself, reports are easy to download or share electronically.

Tracking which assets and controls do not meet regulatory and compliance policies (39%)

ThreatAware Operations streamlines your journey to compliance with standards such as GDPR, Cyber Essentials and ISO/IEC 27001:2005. You select which regulations apply to your business and input your own unique policies. The platform guides you through the process of ensuring that your assets and controls meet these standards

ThreatAware Operations reminds you when you are due to review your compliance status. Your compliance is tracked and documented, so you can choose to review your status ad hoc.

A traffic light coding system indicates your status at any given time, warning you instantly if any of your policies are not being met.

Determining the effectiveness of security controls (38%)

The trend data ThreatAware collects from your security software provides a clear picture of how your business interacts with digital threats. You can see how many attacks, and what kind, were blocked over a select period.

This quantifies the effectiveness of your cybersecurity tools. Rather than relying on the assumption that the lack of a breach means you are fully protected, you can actively measure the threats your cybersecurity tools protect you against.

ThreatAware automatically produces this information so you can be fully informed, at a glance, when you make crucial cybersecurity decisions.

Getting a real-time view of corporate risks (37%)

ThreatAware updates in real time and alerts you as soon as it identifies a risk. It shows you where the threat originated and guides you through the process of protecting against it.

Reports collating information from multiple programmes can be downloaded quickly, rather than having to be gathered and compared manually.

Combined, these features remove the need for manual analysis, which can get incredibly time-consuming. The speed at which digital threats manifest makes timing crucial when it comes to protecting your digital assets.

ThreatAware presents the risks your business faces instantly, prioritised in terms of risk and clearly actionable. It empowers you to take a proactive approach to your cybersecurity.

Tracking performance of security controls over time (37%)

Most security tools hold trend data for 30 days. ThreatAware retains trend data for a year. This offers unrivalled insight when it comes to reviewing the performance of your cybersecurity tools.

This information makes it easy to see, for instance, the number of infections blocked by your Antivirus over the course of a year. This gives you a clear picture of what normal cyber activity looks like and accurately identifies anomalies that suggest you were targeted for an attack.

It provides a quantitative report of exactly how well each of your tools performs and how well they are able to adapt to evolving digital threats.


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