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You keep a close eye on your laptop and you know where you smartphone is at all times.

If by some stroke of serious misfortune it does get misplaced or stolen, you’ve secured it with a password. And not just any password. You’ve constructed one that is strong. It’s got lots of characters, it’s not inspired by anything too personal, it’s got a whole load of punctuation marks in place of normal letters and numbers.

You’ve got this. If someone gets their hands on your device, there’s no way they’re getting into it. Right?

Not quite.

If your hard drive isn’t encrypted, it isn’t as safe as you think it is.

For someone with malicious intentions and bit of tech savvy, it’s not difficult to get into an unencrypted hard drive using tools you can pick up in any high street gadget shop. And it’s not just your saved files they can get into. Anything that automatically backs up onto your hard drive – such as your private emails – is also vulnerable.

This is why lost laptops are taken so seriously by businesses and regulatory bodies alike.

When this can be protected against by measures as simple as hard drive encryption, why would you ever take the risk?

Find out more about how encryption can protect your devices by watching our full encryption demo video.

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