No more silos

Manage your security efficiently and effectively

We designed ThreatAware to give business owners and IT managers the whole picture, at a glance. It aggregates fragmented security solutions into one view, providing a top-level and granular view of your security landscape. Now you have one place to easily assess and resolve security gaps — before they turn into threats.

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A connected stack is a protected stack

Many critical security gaps can’t be seen when you log into your IT management consoles individually. By connecting your existing IT systems into a single platform, ThreatAware uncovers every vulnerability in your network, identifying every single machine accessing corporate data, whether in office or at home, on a company-owned device or a personal one.

Shorten response times to critical issues

The siloed approach to managing corporate security is inefficient and slow. Not only does this use up valuable human capital, it puts your organisation at risk by increasing the lead time to resolving critical security issues. By unifying and simplifying the management of your security tools, people and processes in a simple, easy-to-use dashboard, ThreatAware makes it easy to keep your business protected.

Catch trends before they become problems

You can also use ThreatAware to get a unified view of your cybersecurity posture and performance over time. Monitoring trends empowers you to identify patterns early and be more strategic in how you prepare, monitor and respond to threats. These data visualisations can be leveraged to create benchmarks, manage performance and increase influence at board level.

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