As of January 14th 2020, support will no longer be provided for Windows 7. Although Windows 7 will still technically continue to run, this means there will no longer be any technical support, software updates, security updates or fixes for your operating system.

We touched on this in our webinar for the BrightTalk Next Generation Cyber Security summit.

The NCSC recommends migrating away from unsupported software, as continuing to use it can have serious ramifications for businesses and individuals alike.

Here are 3 ways cybersecurity could be at risk if you aren’t properly prepared.

Your system will not be updated to meet new cyber threats

Regular security updates provided by software manufacturers reinforce your programmes with protection against new attacks. When support ends for Windows 7, you will no longer get security updates.

This means that, as vulnerabilities are discovered and new attacks developed to exploit them, no one is building the tools you need to protect against them. This leaves you open to compromised from even minimally skilled criminals.

The longer you continue to use unsupported software, the more you are at risk of a data breach.

You may no longer meet necessary compliance standards

The loss of security updates means that information processed by your Windows 7 operating system will not be properly protected against new attacks.

This means that the data you handle is more likely to get breached by cyberattacks specifically targeting unsupported systems.

Even if you are prepared to take the risk, many compliance bodies wouldn’t. if you are expected to meet certain cybersecurity standards, using obsolete operating systems could mean that you fall short of these requirements.

New attacks could strike as soon as support ends

It isn’t a secret that support for Windows 7 is coming to an end, and criminals have access to all the same information that users do.

Some experts believe that there are criminals out there who have already prepared attacks against Windows 7 operating systems, which will be released as soon as support is no longer available.

With no experts available to help resolve any issues, criminals are likely to run into less obstacles when it comes to exploiting vulnerabilities. This makes it critical to have a new operating system running as soon as possible.