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ThreatAware’s approach to cybersecurity

At ThreatAware we are constantly looking for ways to help our clients protect themselves from the latest cyber threats, by providing a solution that is simple and easy to use. ThreatAware is a tool that does just that. It enables business owners and directors to view their cybersecurity tools, people and processes in a single dashboard.

There doesn’t appear to be a single agreed measure that can be used to determine how cyber secure a business really is, rather, it is lots of different and interdependent measures that form a net of layers.

The layered approach

Businesses should be using a variety of tools and best practice to protect their business. Imagine an onion, each layer of protection adds another level of defence to your business.

At its core, ThreatAware is a tool to help businesses simplify and centralise their cybersecurity and compliance checks and measurements. We believe it achieves this through the two modules of ThreatAware Systems and ThreatAware Operations. ThreatAware Systems utilises the powerful cybersecurity tools on the market today.

ThreatAware already links to a number of different cybersecurity tools and the list will continue to grow. Where it really shines is when you have your anti-virus, software patching and web proxy tools all connected to the ThreatAware dashboard which are all included in our ThreatAware Enhanced package. All of your data ready to view for each of those tools. In one place. Simply displayed.


Each of the tools have their own ThreatAware Systems dashlet. We take data from the cybersecurity tool and display it in an easy to understand and intuitive way. This is a tool for business professionals without a career in cybersecurity, but that need to understand and be able to act on the potential threat of cyber attack.

At the time of writing this post, we have seven different Active Checks available. Webroot anti-virus, Automox software updates, Cisco umbrella web browsing security, Cloudflare content delivery network, MSP360 Managed Backup, Cisco Meraki firewall, and Proofpoint email protection. You can read more about each one by visiting our How it works page.

We utilise our own in-house severity scale to create parameters for alerts. What if your anti-malware detected a device had just downloaded a malicious program? What if a computer was using an out of date operating system? Such an alert would flash on ThreatAware Systems, categorised by colour (Red, Amber, Green) depending on how severe a threat ThreatAware deemed it to be, and you could view the alert in more depth.

Deep dive to the Information Panel

Upon clicking into a check, you reach a deeper ‘information panel’ where you can view the details of the alert. From here, you can take ownership of the alert and dive into what computer, what version of the software is running, what version SHOULD be running and other specific details.  To make those alerts go away, you must make the necessary changes.

For example, if your PC hasn’t updated its operating system to the latest version, you would have to walk over to the machine and manually set the computer to update itself. Of course, I’m sure a simple email to the owner of the computer with a high importance note would also get the job done? Once the computer completes the update and ThreatAware completes another poll (a poll occurs every hour) the alert will be dismissed. You could then click through the check to view the information panel and see a historical list of alerts, just to double check.

Try it now

To learn more about ThreatAware, visit our how it works page and demo section. We have chosen to partner up with a selection of our favourite tools which are included in the ThreatAware Enhanced package, but we also support many more. See how these interact with your live data by signing up for a free trial. If you look through the list of supported tools and can’t find the ones you currently use, please get in touch as we are constantly adding to the list and yours may be next.

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