Missing Security Tools

ThreatAware’s revolution take on an asset inventory means that instantly all of your computers are found, indexed and any gaps in security tools are highlighted immediately.

This is all done instantly because we are an agentless platform.  This tool is so powerful that if anyone joins your company WiFi or downloads emails via Outlook, the machine is question is automatically added and verified.  Trying to find these gaps using any other method not only takes weeks, it is never 100% accurate because the landscape constantly changes.
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See the unknown

By using our Agentless technology we are able to accurate find all computers that are accessing your corporate data, networks and apps, regardless if they are corporate machines.

Once we have identified the computer we then perform an individual component check to ensure that all of your cyber security tools are installed.

Simple Alerts

We utilise the same alerting system for missing computers and components meaning saving you and your team time.

Red, Amber, Green…simple.


Each alert task can be delegated easily within the system to various members within your team.  This ensures that they are resolved efficiently.  Not assigned alerts are highlighted so that these can quickly be assigned to the relevant member of the team.

See for yourself how easy it can be to achieve Great Cyber Hygiene

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