Operational Checks

Operational checks track compliance with cybersecurity standards such as Cyber Essentials or ISO/IEC 27001:2005. Providing framework compliance documents and tracking progress to completion.

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Effective cybersecurity combines the active monitoring of tools and systems with the implementation and monitoring of policies and processes.

ThreatAware is unique in combining active and operational cybersecurity monitoring and reporting. ThreatAware operational checks track compliance with cybersecurity standards such as Cyber Essentials, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and GDPR.

Together ThreatAware operational and active checks allow directors and IT teams to see the full picture at a glance.

Simplify Compliance

ThreatAware’s unique framework documents, questions and processes speed up and structure initial conformance with cyber and risk management standards. Our unique set of questions simplifies the process of managing your IT security by bringing together the information required from all relevant standards in one place, in logical groups.

Policy Management

Select the standards you wish to comply with, such as GDPR or ISO/IEC 27001:2005, and ThreatAware will pull the relevant questions to comply with that standard before mapping them out over the time frame you specify.

As you answer each question within the schedule, you’ll move a step closer towards compliance. The questions are colour coded to facilitate the process.

The evidence for each question is held directly within the question, which makes for a less stressful and more efficient auditing process. You can then track implementation, monitor and audit your compliance status from a single dashboard.

Remove Duplication of Effort

By bringing together the information required from all relevant standards ThreatAware allows a single policy to serve the needs of more than one standard. Updating one policy applies the changes to all relevant standards, removing duplication and saving time. No need to use tracking spreadsheets or document libraries, everything required is held, securely, in one place and is easily accessible in a logical way.

Prioritising Policy Management

ThreatAware operational checks monitor and manage documentary compliance with cybersecurity standards, tracking and notifying when policies need updating or review. Operational checks can be filtered and searched by category, standard required or due date.

Each task is given a time period for completion and a red, amber, green status indicator shows what’s overdue, due or compliant. Policy review and updating can be structured and prioritised. Ensuring that deadlines are met and compliance risks are managed whilst managing the workload realistically.

It’s simple to keep track of what’s required and when. Better still these tasks are easily accessible directly from the ThreatAware operational checks dashboard.

Compliance Audit and Regulation

ThreatAware Operational checks keep a complete audit trail of compliance. Documents, details, including attachments and signatory can be associated with each pass or fail. These audit records can be shared, electronically, with risk managers, compliance bodies or management quickly and easily. No searching through shared drives, spreadsheets or document libraries.

Demonstrate Compliance Externally

Documentation, audit and compliance information for customers, standards bodies and regulators can be filtered, simply extracted and shared electronically.


Company or business specific policies can be added to the ThreatAware operational checks dashboard and managed with exactly the same flexibility, visibility and auditability as public cyber security standards. Making ThreatAware operational checks a complete resource for risk management, compliance and reporting,

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