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After the fantastic experience we had at the Next Generation Cyber Security summit in December, we are returning to BrightTalk this February. In our next webinar, our CEO Jon Abbott will explore how information from cybersecurity tools can be consolidated to provide better quality data and more effective protection for any business.

The cybersecurity industry is flooded with tools that protect different aspects of your network, your supply chain, your critical data. These all have their place within an efficient and functioning cybersecurity infrastructure, but can leave CISOs overwhelmed with information they don’t have the time or resources to properly utilise. Manually cross referencing multiple fundamental applications should not be necessary given the technology available in 2020.

The digital world is crying out, not for more tools, but for a multi-point solution that harnesses the true value of the existing cybersecurity data of any digital infrastructure. This consolidation and optimisation of information will drive efficiency as the cybersecurity industry evolves.

In Unifying data: A simpler approach to cybersecurity, Jon will examine how to identify the most effective tools for your organisation, available on the market today. He will explore how consolidating the information they provide makes their power even greater and how they can complement each other to produce better quality information as the best foundation for protecting your business.

Jon will be presenting as part of BrightTalk’s February cybersecurity summit, The Modern Breach, at 12pm PST (8pm GMT).

Register to watch our live webinar here.

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