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This morning, our CEO Jon Abbott took part in the BrightTalk Next Generation Cyber Security summit. His webinar explored the way that the most prominent cyber threats from 2019 are likely to develop in the New Year and how businesses can best protect themselves going forward.

The top threats we chose for consideration are:

  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Cloud Attacks
  • Windows 7

These are common concerns because they are effective in dealing a lot of damage to businesses, with email-based scams still proving popular among cybercriminals because they are quick, cheap and effective. They can also be prevented by some incredibly simple practices. But as long as 90% of Office 365 users aren’t activating their multi-factor authentication, these attacks are likely to continue to rise and to work.

Jon also considered the impact that support ending for Windows 7 could have on organisations in the New Year. Moving to a new operating system can leave you open to new vulnerabilities, which hackers will be aware of even if you are not.

Watch the webinar on the BrightTalk website here.

Click here to download the presentation slides.