ThreatAware has selected Webroot as its preferred Antivirus vendor.  We believe that Webroot is so good in fact, that we include it with every licence of ThreatAware.

Why Webroot?

If you haven’t come across Webroot before then you are probably plagued by your Antivirus considerably slowing down your machine, requiring huge updates, and yet still missing threats.  Webroot is fundamentally different to all other Antivirus products. Instead of having a virus definition database running on your machine, it utilises the Cloud. This may seem obvious nowadays, but Webroot has been doing this for the past six years and were one of the first Antivirus companies to really harness the benefit of the Cloud.

How it works

Webroot create a unique numeric value, or hash key, for every file on a computer.  For example, the hash key of Microsoft Word 2013 SP1 is exactly the same regardless of which computer it is running on.  If the hash key is slightly different, then it means the application has been modified and therefore could contain a virus. Webroot simply generates a hash key for all of your files, then matches them against the original. If there are any files which it has never seen before it scans them to set up a new reference hash key.

The results

Less than 1MB in size
Installs and performs a full scan in three minutes
Keeps your machine running very fast

Is that enough to protect you?

Although Webroot is a brilliant product, like any great security tool if it isn’t up to date, with all the features enabled, then it may let malware in.  This is where ThreatAware comes in, ThreatAware gives you a single dashboard view of your Cloud security tools, not just Antivirus, but also your firewall, email filter, web proxy etc.  It then highlights immediately if there are any issues.

A Cybersecurity Dashboard

If we stick to Antivirus as the reference point, ThreatAware will immediately notify you through a simple red, amber or green indicator if there is an issue.  For example, if someone has turned off the Windows firewall, or the Antivirus protection all together you will get a Red Alert.  If the antivirus is one day out of date, you will get an Amber Alert, and if it’s active and up to date, it will be green.   These alerts can be picked up by an engineer who will take ownership of the issue and hopefully fix it.  Once the issue has been resolved, ThreatAware will re-poll and if it agrees that the issue is definitely fixed it will go back to green status.

ThreatAware doesn’t just stop at Antivirus and if you take ThreatAware Enhanced then you get Webroot Antivirus, Automox Updater and Cisco Umbrella Web Proxy included to provide you with the full Cybersecurity suite.

ThreatAware gives you total visibility of all of your Cybersecurity tools in one simple dashboard. This ensures you can manage them effectively, and make the tools already at your disposal, even better.


Find out how ThreatAware can help manage, monitor and communicate your cybersecurity processes by accessing our demo site or signing up for a free trial.

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