84% of UK businesses suffered one of more data breaches in the past year*

Complete management of your cybersecurity can prevent you falling victim to increasingly sophisticated and frequent cyber attacks. ThreatAware provides you with a real time red, amber, green status of your cybersecurity health.

*Source: Carbon Black’s Global Threat Report: Power on the Rise, 2019
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What we offer

Unified management

Take control of every tool in your cybersecurity arsenal in one consolidated platform

Simplified compliance

Meet and demonstrate conformance with cybersecurity standards, GDPR and internal policies

Live asset tracking

Verify the protection of your entire digital infrastructure in real time, in a single place

How it works


Install ThreatAware

ThreatAware’s agentless installation means you can be set up within an hour


Find your gaps

ThreatAware’s real time checks flag up any gaps in your cybersecurity instantly


Secure your business

ThreatAware guides you through the process of securing any gaps in your cybersecurity

Choose a slot to book your demonstration of the ThreatAware platform from one of our cybersecurity experts

In a brief call, we’ll show you how ThreatAware enables you to:

  • Monitor and manage all the cybersecurity tools that protect your business in a single unified view
  • Respond in real time to intelligent alerts with prioritised actions and clear ownership of each task
  • Implement, track and maintain adherence to industry-wide standards such as CyberEssentials, ISO 27001 and GDPR

“Good cyber hygiene is critical in the defence against cyberattacks. ThreatAware ensures that essential security tools are correctly configured, up-to-date and fully functional, every hour of every day.”

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