Smart Asset Inventory

Intelligent design finds all the computers accessing your business data… even those you don’t know about!

Compiling a robust device inventory is a time consuming and challenging task for any IT professional, but without one you might never know if your business is at risk. ThreatAware produces the most accurate device inventory possible at the click of a button.
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Cyber Hygiene Health

As soon as ThreatAware detects a computer that is accessing your corporate network, apps or tools it automatically run a full Cyber Hygiene test.  Ensuring that all of your computers are adequately protected.

See what the computer is accessing

Instantly see whether a computer is connecting via the Cloud, WiFi or internal LAN.

Agentless Inventory

The Smart Inventory is automatically generated from the tools already installed on your computers.  Meaning the data is live, accurate and all without installing anything.

See for yourself how easy it can be to achieve great cyber hygiene

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