Smart Inventory

The ThreatAware Smart Inventory is a live directory of your entire digital infrastructure that updates automatically. It shows you the status of all your security tools on all your devices in a single place.


Complete confidence

Your organisation’s data is only safe if every device handling it is protected. You can only protect those devices if you are aware that they are being used. You can only have full awareness of your physical network if you have a live inventory of it. If you can’t see it, you can’t secure it.

Instant connectivity

ThreatAware’s Smart Inventory is a world first piece of technology. Whenever a new device connects to your network, it is automatically added to the Inventory, which verifies if it is protected by Antivirus, Encryption, Patching and Web Filtering.

It uses Outlook as a reference point to collect data about your cybersecurity status. The Inventory starts taking records of the software on any device as soon as it connects with your Office 365.

Automatic asset management

The Smart Inventory pulls all this data directly from your cloud enabled applications. It is completely agentless, so there is nothing for you to install and no additional software is required. You see everything as soon as it is connected, so you don’t have to risk losing control over your network as your business grows.

By collating the status of all your security tools on every piece of hardware in one place, the need to manually track each one is completely removed. All the information you need is easily accessible from the Inventory, eliminating the time-consuming process of checking that every security software license you’ve paid for is being properly utilised.

As long as every device is connected to your system, you can trust that it is being effectively monitored.

True clarity

ThreatAware alerts you when any of the crucial elements of your cybersecurity are missing. Any gaps found in your cybersecurity are clearly indicated. Green ticks show that software is installed and functioning, while red crosses mean that it is not.

You can easily investigate and resolve any issues to ensure that your cybersecurity is fully comprehensive and protects every device in your network.

The Inventory functions in real time, which means it will update instantly once it records that your software is properly running.

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