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An asset inventory that manages itself

Compiling a robust device inventory is a time consuming and challenging task for any IT professional, but without one you might never know if your business is at risk. ThreatAware uses highly evolved matching algorithms to produce a real-time device inventory that’s always available — and always accurate.

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The smart inventory for a remote world

Automatically find all of your computers, regardless of where they are or how they’re connected to your business. ThreatAware’s revolutionary take on asset inventory means all of your computers are found, indexed and any gaps in security tools are highlighted immediately. If a device is accessing your cloud apps or data, ThreatAware will reveal it.

Get the full picture

There are dedicated inventory tools out there, but all either rely on agents or network searching. They can’t be comprehensive. ThreatAware’s agentless approach means your inventory data is always live, comprehensive and accurate – with no installs necessary.

Monitor cyber hygiene in real-time

ThreatAware automates the repetitive but critical cyber hygiene tasks that ensure all of the computers in your inventory are adequately protected. You can see what they’re accessing and how they’re accessing it. Trying to find these gaps using any other method not only takes weeks, it’s never 100% up-to-date.

Take action,
the easy way

ThreatAware alerts you when any of your security agents are not installed on a device. This ensures you have full coverage of all of your security tools, regardless if the workstation is on-premise, remote or BYOD. If something isn’t quite right, automated remediation means your team can resolve issues in a single click.

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