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The first step to developing a comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity strategy is identifying every device that handles your business data and properly maintaining the necessary security tools to protect each one.

Without knowing all the hardware that interacts with your data, you can’t ensure that that hardware is secure.

Just because you’ve bought a license for security software doesn’t mean it has been properly installed. If you depend on an assumption, rather than active confirmation, that software is functioning, you might not notice if that isn’t the case until after it has been exploited by an opportunistic cybercriminal.

Taking a complete inventory can be difficult for SMEs because it is both impractical and inefficient to manually monitor every device in an organisation’s IT infrastructure. Ensuring that that inventory is up-to-date at all times is more difficult still.

To make this necessary precaution manageable, we’ve created the ThreatAware Smart Inventory. This is a live, active directory of your entire digital infrastructure. It pulls through all the data in your network automatically so you can see the status of all your security tools on all your devices at once.

In a single table, it shows you every device that exists in your network. It records all the tools that should be running and clearly indicates when any of your machines are not fully protected.

When you add a new device to your network, it is immediately scanned and included in the Smart Inventory. The dashboard updates as soon as your infrastructure expands, so you can track from the very beginning what you need to keep your business safe.

Software that is fully installed and functional is indicated by a green check, while red crosses show when a device is not properly covered. You can see at a glance where there are gaps in your cybersecurity. You can see which device needs attention and which software it requires.

You can click through directly from the Smart Inventory dashboard to investigate and close these gaps. This makes it quick and easy to resolve any issues that might leave you vulnerable to an attack.

Visibility this comprehensive and immediate gives you full control over the cybersecurity of your entire network.


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