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Cybersecurity is a management issue, not purely a technical one. Poor cybersecurity brings real reputational, financial and legislative risk. Managing these risks requires executive insight into cybersecurity tools and how effectively the businesses complies with cybersecurity standards.

Board level cybersecurity

The UK information commissioner is quite clear “Cybersecurity is a board level issue”.  The obligation to ensure cybersecurity and the liability if it is compromised lie with the directors.

It’s a real issue. In 2018, 32% of UK businesses suffered a breach.

And it’s not enough to delegate the issue to the IT team or Managed IT provider. Good cybersecurity requires a combination of tools, people and processes; technology alone isn’t a complete solution. Directors need to be aware of the monitoring tools installed and what they show; to ensure policies that comply with cyber standards and GDPR and that the whole company is trained and aware.

Breaches are not inevitable

Cyberattacks are inevitable, hacking is an organised professional business. Some attacks are very specific, taking weeks to collect very specific data about one individual. Most are very broad relying on numbers to find one or two vulnerable systems. No one is unimportant enough that they are ignored.

Breaches and cyber incidents are not inevitable. Most breaches exploit human frailty rather than technology. Good staff training, best in class tools and proper monitoring make a real difference. The key point for management is that they will get the cybersecurity they inspect, understanding cybersecurity status is key.

Monitoring cybersecurity can be difficult. Following inappropriately technical terminology, using multiple monitoring systems, the challenge of creating and maintaining compliance documents plus staff training records is challenging. Summary reports are inevitably out of date.

ThreatAware gives a clear, simple view onto a business’s cybersecurity, tools people and processes from one dashboard, with red, amber, green status flags; updated in real time.

Standards and people

Most successful cyberattacks exploit human weakness. Clicking on a bad link, using insecure passwords, turning off secure authentication or not installing software updates are very common causes of cyber problems.

Engaging your team with cyber training such as Cyber Essentials is a positive step, ISO27001 certification is a positive message to business partners and GDPR compliance is mandatory.  This knowledge and these processes substantially reduce risk. The participation of everyone in the business is important, leadership comes from the directors.

Implementing and tracking these standards can be a detailed and awkward process involving multiple documents capturing many policies and tracking compliance.  ThreatAware was designed, from the outset, to provide businesses with complete insight into their cybersecurity tools, people and processes. As well as monitoring security tools ThreatAware includes preconfigured templates for Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001 and GDPR. It can track compliance activity, remind when an action is due and keep a complete audit trail of what has been completed, when and by whom. Policy documents can be stored within ThreatAware and complete reports can be generated and exported electronically making it simple to demonstrate compliance. Industry or customer specific templates can be added making compliance with other policies equally straightforward.

ThreatAware is a management tool, giving directors complete clarity about their cybersecurity status, active and operational.

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