ThreatAware for IT Managers

Cybersecurity responsibility frequently rests with IT teams, but they cannot act alone. The best protection requires executive engagement, effective monitoring and robust risk management policies.

Executive Conversations

Executives have an obligation to ensure cybersecurity effectiveness in their businesses, they need to understand security status and cyber hygiene. These conversations can be awkward. Driven by a cybersecurity industry that relies on fear, uncertainty and doubt to sell systems that mitigate increasingly complex risks by using technical detail or sci-fi terminology; it’s little wonder that non-technical managers step back from the subject.

ThreatAware enables this conversation to take place simply, clearly and informed by the facts.

Monitoring Tools

ThreatAware active checks give a single high-level view across all monitoring tools and cloud-based email systems give easy access to details and a single place where fixes can be owned and tracked until ThreatAware True Status™ monitoring confirms that they are in place.

Cyber monitoring tools are changing, the best in class are cloud based and tailored to a specific class of threat. They are fast, flexible and light. Using the best tools provides the best protection, but also entails the monitoring of multiple systems and reports. When issues occur, unprioritised email alerts get lost, following several dashboards is impractical and all the fixes need to be monitored individually.

Initial installation of ThreatAware generally reveals previously hidden problems, dormant email accounts, missing software patches and poor authentication practices. It establishes what a normal situation looks like and makes identification of threatening trends simple.

ThreatAware provides greater clarity and a huge improvement in efficiency for IT departments and their partners.

Cyber Hygiene

Cyberattacks target human vulnerabilities, training, education and following best practice is the best defence.  ThreatAware operational checks are preconfigured to achieve and track compliance with GDPR, Cyber Essentials and ISO27001. They can be configured to progress internal standards and can also integrate specific supplier or customer requirements; individual documents are held within ThreatAware operational checks making it simple to build, audit and report compliance.

ThreatAware gives immediate, clear visibility into cybersecurity, active and operational. It supports user training, risk mitigation and compliance. It enables an easy informed conversation about cybersecurity effectiveness with senior management.

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