ThreatAware for Managed Service Providers

MSP are often treated as a cybersecurity emergency service. It needn’t be like that. Proper monitoring and risk management is a valuable resource that increases service levels and minimises cyber emergencies.

Monitoring User level Cybersecurity

Cyber hygiene is a substantial issue, one that isn’t going to go away. Breaches inevitably involve the Managed Service Provider to provide recovery and fixes. Clients have high expectations of an MSP’s ability to provide cyber defence, block attacks and prevent breaches.  Very few cyber incidents are entirely technical, the vast majority are caused by human fallibility.

Visibility into active risks, user behaviour and cybersecurity policy compliance can prevent the majority of problems occurring. Simply put, you’ll get the cybersecurity you inspect.

ThreatAware provides this inspection, monitoring endpoint security tools, network protection and cloud-based systems such as Office 365.

Risk management and SLAs

Providing full Cybersecurity monitoring, highlighting issues and removing them is a valuable service. Initial installation of ThreatAware will reveal existing issues which can be proactively fixed. Finding unused, compromised mailboxes, unpatched software and live virus threats is common.

Sharing the ThreatAware dashboard with client management gives them high confidence in their systems. Giving users this visibility increases compliance and reduces risk.

Installing the ThreatAware dashboard for user management provides excellent visibility into cybersecurity SLAs and makes it clear that cyber hygiene is a shared responsibility.


The application of the GDPR legislation in May 2018 generated a significant interest in cybersecurity, the excitement may have gone, but the requirement to comply and the potential fines remain.

Many businesses still haven’t fully complied with GDPR, responsible businesses are now taking Cyber Essentials training, those with higher cyber risk are working with ISO 27001. Industries at greater risk have specific requirements, like FCA compliance.

ThreatAware operational checks provide templates and compliance management tracking, enabling continued conversations and structured added value services for organisations who are not yet compliant or wish to increase their standards.

Designed for a Purpose

ThreatAware was developed out of an MSPs real experience implementing GDPR and managing cyber hygiene. It brings real practical benefits, reducing risk and thus cost, delivering higher service levels and strengthening customer relationships.

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