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Cybersecurity as an industry has responded to rapidly evolving digital threats by developing a massive number of excellent tools that ensure that every machine in an organisation’s network is fully protected.

But security professionals only have a finite amount of precious time to capture and utilise this information.

The future of cybersecurity is not necessarily in creating more tools, but in knowing how to get the most out of the ones already on the market and combining the information they provide for uninterrupted management of your infrastructure.

Yesterday, our CEO Jon Abbott took part in the BrightTalk February cybersecurity summit, The Modern Breach, hosting a webinar exploring the best tools on the market today and how to make the most out of them.

He identifies some of the most effective cybersecurity tools for managing:

  • Antirvirus
  • Patching
  • Web proxy
  • Spam filtering
  • Single sign on solution
  • Website protection
  • Encryption
  • Backups

He also explores the best ways to utilise the data these tools provide collaboratively so you get the complete picture of your business cybersecurity.

Watch the webinar on the BrightTalk website here.

Download the presentation slides here.