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We are excited to announce today that we have officially secured our place as an innovator on the London Office for Rapid Cyber Advancement (LORCA)’s Cohort 4.

This is an incredible opportunity for us. Access to the knowledge and resources provided by LORCA will allow us to help us scale our business and so that ThreatAware can protect more businesses with bigger networks as they embrace the technology of 2020

We are incredibly proud to have been chosen as one of the businesses supported by LORCA. Funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport as part of the National Cyber Security Strategy, LORCA is committed to working with organisations that tackle critical cybersecurity challenges in a way that benefits industry within the UK.

It supports cyber security innovation in three ways:

  • Maximise the commercial potential of great cyber solutions
  • Minimise the barriers to scale
  • Get solutions to market more quickly

The fact that we have been chosen to be a part of Cohort 4 means we are joining several incredible organisations on the cutting edge of innovation. We plan to make the most of the new resources and bespoke support available to us over the next year to refine our platform to make it as effective as possible in preventing cybercrime and securing the digital infrastructure of every ThreatAware user.


Find out more about LORCA here.