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This week, we are in San Francisco for the RSA Conference exploring the most critical issues and innovations in cybersecurity with some of the industry’s finest minds.

Yesterday, we took part in bwtech@UMBC‘s International Cybersecurity Center Pitch competition, showcasing our platform to senior cybersecurity experts and investors alongside a host of international startups offering their own unique innovations to the industry.

We had just three minutes to pitch, followed by a further two minutes of Q&A. Our presentation was evaluated byrepresentatives from Facebook, ForgePoint Capital, Israeli Government, Paladin Capital Group and Venable, as well as experts from the team at bwtech themselves.

This was an amazing opportunity for us to not only showcase the work that we do, but also to evaluate our position amongst other cybersecurity innovators and our role within the industry. The competition was very fierce, with entries from some pioneering organisations who are developing new approaches to digital security.

We are incredibly proud to be able to say that we were awarded second place in this year’s competition. We placed in between in third and SecureStack in first place for their DevSecOps collaboration platform that secure cloud infrastructure. Congratulations to both for the brilliant work they do.

This is a fantastic achievement for us, to gain both valuable feedback from peers and leaders in the cybersecurity industry and the recognition for the platform we have worked so hard to develop.

We are really looking forward to working closely with bwtech following this achievement and making the most of the resources now available to us.