As cyberattacks grow increasingly frequent and innovative, effective cybersecurity is critical.

Your team need to be on top of updates for all your devices and software. They need to ensure your business is safe online and your data is well protected. They also need to consider the impact of compliance regulations on how your information is stored, used and secured.

Lacking the resources of large organisations, small- to medium-sized enterprises have a couple of options when it comes to keeping their network secure: hiring internal IT support or outsourcing to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) or Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

Each of these options, or some combination, can provide valuable protection. However, without the ability to see how your cybersecurity protocols perform in real time, it’s difficult to gauge how competent they are.

Often, businesses won’t realise they are vulnerable until weaknesses have already been exploited. Many of the most damaging cyberattacks have taken advantage of security gaps that could have been identified and addressed.

However you manage your cybersecurity, you need to be confident that key measures are covered at all times. Without access to a real-time inventory of your tools and processes, how can you be confident there are no gaps in your cybersecurity?

Do you really know how well your business is protected?


Keeping internal IT staff means you have a resource that can exclusively focus on your business and develop an exhaustive knowledge base of your specific requirements and processes. During working hours, they can attend to important issues immediately.

Outsourcing your cybersecurity to an MSP or MSSP means entrusting someone else with your organisation’s safety.

If you choose the right provider, experts equipped with state-of-the-art technology and training will be dedicated to your security. This frees up internal staff to focus on business development. Having a company at your disposal means there will be someone available to address concerns at any time, as long as your issues can be handled remotely.

For small businesses who might only be able to afford a single internal person to manage their IT, external support can be incredibly valuable as it means not risking your security whenever your staff member is on holiday or training or off sick.

While primarily a monitoring and management tool, a ThreatAware subscription includes expert support via email, live chat and phone.

Installed and maintained tools

Cybersecurity needs to be approached from multiple directions in order to be truly effective.

All the devices and software you use, including antivirus and web protection tools, need to be fully up-to-date with the latest patches. Devices must be encrypted and the data on them backed up.

The effectiveness of your internal IT team will depend entirely on the knowledge and competence of the individuals you hire. They can only utilise the tools you have invested in and only as long as they are trained to use them.

External support is likely to have more comprehensive resources to hand, but you will have to put in time and effort to ensure that their service meets your organisation’s needs. Some services may not come as standard, meaning higher costs to cover cybersecurity basics, while others may not be offered at all.

ThreatAware connects to all your devices and tools and keeps track of how well they are performing in real time. It informs you whenever anything in your network needs updating and alerts you immediately whenever a device isn’t encrypted or data isn’t properly backed up.

Actively monitored tools

It’s not enough to trust that security software it will protect you indefinitely.

Someone in your team needs to be actively involved in ensuring that it is well suited to your organisation’s needs and up-to-date at all times to continuously defend against developments, both when it comes to the changing needs of your business and the emergence of new cyber threats. The more frequently you ensure that your tools are up-to-date, the less likely you are to miss exploitable vulnerabilities in your cyber defences.

Running manual checks across multiple tools isn’t feasible, which is why internal IT teams may only have the capacity to run some checks once a month.

Outsourced support is likely to run checks more often, although how frequently they do will depend on your investment. More expensive MSSPs that utilise SIEM may update as often as hourly, while lower end support might only run checks weekly or monthly.

ThreatAware uses a live connection to run checks against all your security software every fifteen minutes. It displays all the data it records clearly for you to reference whenever necessary and alerts you when it detects a potential risk.

It’s also important to monitor security behaviours in order to establish proper cyber hygiene throughout your business.

For instance, passwords are notoriously easy to break if they’re not reinforced by multi-factor authentication. If a user has switched this off, you might never know. If it has been disabled accidentally, the person using the device may not even realise they are putting your business at risk. Monitoring additional layers of security such as this is less commonly provided by either internal or external support.

ThreatAware tracks the accounts accessing your organisation’s data to ensure that multi-factor authentication is always activated.

Asset tracking

It’s near impossible to be confident that every item in your network is properly protected if you aren’t accurately keeping track of your assets. You can’t tell that a laptop isn’t encrypted if you don’t remember you have it. In 2014, a single overlooked server at JP Morgan Chase allowed hackers access to the records of 83 million account holders.

ThreatAware keeps a live inventory of all your devices and programmes which is tracked in real time. The status of all your assets are constantly monitored and their data clearly displayed for you to access at any time.

As well as monitoring all your tools individually, ThreatAware keeps track of how they interact to create a complete picture of your cybersecurity. Its real-time analysis identifies any gaps in your cybersecurity that could be exploited by opportunistic cybercriminals.


Compliance management is often seen as a separate entity to information security. This means it may not fall to your internal IT team or be provided by external support, requiring the allocation of separate resources.

However, it does play a critical role in keeping your information secure.

Some external providers will offer assistance with compliance management, often for an additional fee. But you still need someone onsite with a thorough understanding of your requirements to develop business-wide compliance processes and ensure they are effectively implemented.

The ThreatAware dashboard simplifies compliance management and enables you to closely track processes within your organisation. You select relevant standards from pre-populated options, load your internal policies and choose your timeframe. ThreatAware prompts you with questions and your answers are applied to all relevant standards. Thorough audits can be easily reviewed and shared electronically.

ThreatAware alerts you when your processes are due an audit and gives you the option to run ad hoc checks whenever you like.

No matter how comprehensive your cybersecurity might be, only fully transparent access to your tools and processes can offer complete confidence that there are no gaps for cybercriminals to exploit. The ThreatAware dashboard displays your data clearly in real time and alerts you whenever you are at risk. It allows you to detect vulnerabilities before they are breached.

By automating necessary routine processes, ThreatAware offers more complete monitoring of your cyber hygiene and cybersecurity. The dashboard eliminates time-consuming manual reports, so your staff can devote their energy to managing your network. It ensures the immediate accuracy of the data influencing your business decisions.

ThreatAware gives you peace of mind that the tools and teams keeping your company safe are performing as effectively as possible.

Find out how ThreatAware can help manage and monitor your cybersecurity processes by accessing our demo site or signing up for a free trial.