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ThreatAware came into being from a London based MSP, Priority One, founded by Steve Thomson and Jon Abbott in 2007.  With an ever-increasing focus on cybersecurity and an obvious lack of an over-arching product that could show a company the state of their cybersecurity protection, ThreatAware was born, driven by our clients’ needs.
No more would our cybersecurity team be producing in-depth security reports for clients, which involved collecting and interpreting data from multiple security tools. A time-consuming task that meant the data supplied was often out-of-date by the time it reached them.  Furthermore, bringing a company up to the various cybersecurity standards such as cyber essentials and ISO/IEC 27001:2005, now becomes straightforward.

Passionate about bringing clarity and simplicity to cybersecurity, we designed ThreatAware to give business owners and IT managers the whole picture, at a glance. It provides access to the key data from their security tools, people and processes in a simple, easy to use dashboard. The ability of ThreatAware to highlight threats as they arise, lets businesses see the true status of their security and resolve issues immediately to ensure they are fully protected.

Meet the team


Steve Thomson



Jon Abbott



Sarah Thomson



Anatoly Kostin

Senior Developer


Adrian Cox

Chief Architect


Debbie Abbott

Digital Marketing Manager


Ben Ganson

Senior Account Manager


Stu James

UX & UI Designer

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