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Asset Management

The first challenge of asset management is finding all of them in the modern, fragmented IT estate. Agent-based methods, SIEM or CMDB, all fall short of achieving this. ThreatAware gathers data directly from all your security tools' cloud consoles via API and combines that data into a contextualised single list for a highly accurate picture of the entire estate. Dynamic tagging allows for assets to be automatically tagged based on custom rules, which means they can be organised using existing segregation parameters. The data can be enriched through custom columns which pull in low-level data from your existing tools. This customisable approach leads to the development of a rich, highly organised and real-time asset inventory in just hours.

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

Explore how ThreatAware can highlight gaps in your attack surface and help you reduce them.

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Continuous Controls Monitoring

Find out how ThreatAware can help you efficiently and continuously monitor the status of your estate's controls.

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Cyber Risk Reporting

Learn how ThreatAware can support you in generating accurate, user-friendly cyber risk reports to help drive change and mitigate risks.

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Vulnerability Management

Learn how ThreatAware can help you to improve vulnerability management in a distributed ecosystem.

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Lifecycle Management

Discover how ThreatAware can support you with efficient lifecycle management for every asset.

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