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The world's most innovative organisations use ThreatAware to manage vast and complex IT environments.

“We have over 50,000 devices made up of desktops, laptops, servers and virtual machines. The biggest win from using ThreatAware is actually having confidence in all the assets we have and what security we have on them.”

Douglas Weekes
CISO, Sainsbury's

“The cyber posture of the business doesn’t stand still and ThreatAware is a single source of truth. Being made aware of devices that don’t have the requisite software installed and functioning as expected is vital from a security perspective.”

Lyndon Arnold
Head of IT, BGF

“The ThreatAware team have been fantastic every time I have spoken with them, always happy to help with any question about ThreatAware and linking additional tools into the platform. The product itself works well and does exactly what it says on the tin. I can only see this product getting even better over time.”

IT Operations Manager, E-Learning

“ThreatAware is a true partner and by working with them I know that we are adhering to best practice guidelines when it comes to securing our environment.”

Andrew Hutchinson
Head of IT, Institute of Directors

“The RNLI have been using ThreatAware since September 2021 and to date, the dashboard has helped us to view our security posture across multiple platforms in an easy one stop view. ”

Information Security Analyst, RNLI

“ThreatAware takes away the workload of trying to manage multiple security products.”

Steve Cairns
CIO, Exigent

“Overall I am very happy with ThreatAware as a product and it saves a lot of time from an administrative point of view. They are constantly innovating and bringing newly requested features so I look forward to seeing what the product transforms into in the years to come.”

IT Support Analyst

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