Find your cyber hygiene gaps…fast

Our agentless technology enables you to locate all computers accessing
your corporate data and to ensure their cyber hygiene status
within minutes.
Cyber Hygiene Management Platform

Good cyber hygiene is critical in the defence against cyberattacks. ThreatAware ensures that essential security tools are correctly configured, up-to-date and fully functional, every hour of every day.

Institute of DirectorsThe Institute of Directors (IoD) has a Royal Charter to support, represent and set standards for business leaders nationwide.

Effortless cyber hygiene management

Our cyber hygiene management platform empowers your business to embrace new technology. It allows for the flexibility of the modern working world without compromising on security. Our agentless approach integrates every tool in your security arsenal in a matter of minutes, providing instant insight into every device that handles your organisation’s data.


ThreatAware connects via API to every security tool you use in minutes

Instant alerts

Real time updates and immediate notification when a vulnerability is detected in any device

Complete visibility

Verify the protection of your entire digital infrastructure in real time, in a single place


  • Supports compliance efforts

    Tracks adherence to international standards, industry specific guidelines and your organisation’s unique policies

  • Empowers business development

    Instantly evaluates any machine that connects to your network, supporting flexible workplaces eager to embrace growth

  • Intelligent trend monitoring

    ThreatAware tracks patterns in your digital environment and warns you in advance of emerging threats

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