Total cybersecurity management

Manage your cybersecurity simply, in real time.

A real time red, amber, green status of your cybersecurity health

The rising frequency of advanced digital threats makes effective cybersecurity increasingly challenging.
ThreatAware is the only multi-point solution offering agentless, real time management of the tools, people and processes protecting your business.

Unified management

Take control of every tool in your cybersecurity arsenal in one consolidated platform

Simplified compliance

Meet and demonstrate conformance with cybersecurity standards, GDPR and internal policies

Live asset tracking

Verify the protection of your entire digital infrastructure in real time, in a single place


  •  Simple, effective alerts

    Red, amber, green alerts clearly identify when issues require immediate attention

  •  Agentless installation

    Activating ThreatAware takes less than one hour

  •  Trend monitoring

    Intelligent trend monitoring tracks digital developments and warns you in advance of emerging threats

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Good cyber hygiene is critical in the defence against cyberattacks. ThreatAware ensures that essential security tools are correctly configured, up-to-date and fully functional, every hour of every day.

Institute of DirectorsThe Institute of Directors (IoD) has a Royal Charter to support, represent and set standards for business leaders nationwide.

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