Reduce cyber risk. Save time.

Bring together your cyber security solutions, cloud systems and compliance in one simple and powerful platform.

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Connects to your existing Cloud apps, Cybersecurity tools and Cloud managed networks.
Simple Red, Amber, Green alerting, stay secure at a glance.
A single view of internal checks and compliance standards for fast, easy compliance management.
No need to install software or deploy physical devices.

Illuminate critical security gaps across the business

Visualise cyber posture 24/7

Connect to existing infrastructure in 30 minutes

Fix vulnerabilities automatically

Transforming how our clients manage cyber risk

Close security gaps rapidly

Instantly discover all devices that access your corporate data, networks and apps, and ensure all essential security controls are enabled.

Enterprise level security

Ensuring all of your IT assets have all of the fundamental protections doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Maximise your security investment

The aggregation of siloed security tools provides greater value than the sum of the individual parts & previously invisible threats can be identified and resolved.

Start reducing your cyber risk



ThreatAware integrates out of the box with the leading, best of breed cloud apps, security tools and cloud-managed networks. If you use other solutions, we’ll integrate those for you.



Automatically find all devices connected to the corporate network to build a robust asset inventory, alerting you in real time to gaps, issues, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.



All security risks will generate actionable alerts that can be automatically remediated within the platform.

See for yourself how easy it is to visualise your true cyber security posture

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