Do you know how well your cybersecurity is working?

ThreatAware shows you simply, in real time.

Total visibility of your business cybersecurity

Monitoring, management and compliance for your cybersecurity tools, people and processes from one easy to use dashboard.

THREATAWARE for executives

The impact, both reputational and financial, of poor business cybersecurity can be critical. Good monitoring systems and compliance with cyber standards plus GDPR make the difference. ThreatAware provides the necessary clarity to develop board level understanding and oversight to ensure protection.

THREATAWARE for IT managers

IT teams need to have the best possible information about cybersecurity status and develop staff cyber awareness in order to fully protect the business. Cyberattacks are unavoidable, but breaches are not. ThreatAware allows you to monitor threats whilst recognising the most frequent point of failure.


Managed Service Providers are the first place a client turns after a cyber incident. ThreatAware reinforces good cyber hygiene and helps to avoid breaches. It supports the implementation and compliance with cyber standards. ThreatAware dashboards provide excellent insight into the delivery of cyber SLAs.

Why ThreatAware?

ThreatAware gives you simple and transparent access to all your cybersecurity and compliance tools, from anywhere. True Status™ tracks all alerts and fixes to successful completion.

Complete visibility

Monitor all of your cybersecurity, active and operational tools, simply, in one dashboard.

Meaningful alerts

Automatic, intelligent monitoring of cybersecurity tools to generate meaningful alerts when threats occur.

Simplified compliance

ThreatAware’s unique questions and process speed up and simplify compliance with cybersecurity standards and GDPR.

Active and operational checks

Effective cybersecurity depends on monitoring tools, people and processes.
That’s why ThreatAware has two types of checks, active and operational.

Active checks monitor your cybersecurity tools detecting issues and managing fixes.


Operational checks manage people and process risks, ensuring policies and standards are in place and followed.


ThreatAware features

  •  Simple, effective alerts

    Clear red, amber, green monitoring of all alerts and fixes. Making it easy to see what requires immediate attention.

  • Best in class cybersecurity tools

    ThreatAware operates with all best in class cybersecurity tools. Giving the best protection possible.

  •  Agentless installation

    Simple, agentless installation. You can be running in less than one hour.

  •  True Status™

    True Status™ indication. Gives clear accountability and keeps issues visible until they are completely fixed.

  •  Automatic inventory

    Automatic systems inventory. You know exactly what’s connected at any time.

  •  Compliance monitoring

    Operational Checks monitor and manage documentary compliance with cybersecurity standards. Making it easy to keep track.

  •  Trend monitoring

    Intelligent trend monitoring raises alerts by tracking changes over time. Warning of developing problems.

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“I know that good cyber hygiene is critical in the defence against cyberattacks, which is why I use ThreatAware. ThreatAware through its clear dashboard ensures that the essential security tools are correctly configured, up-to-date and fully functional, every hour of every day. With the number of things we have to monitor to stay on top of our cybersecurity, I think I would use an entire resource to cover this.”

Institute of Directors (IoD)The Institute of Directors (IoD) has a Royal Charter to support, represent and set standards for business leaders nationwide.

“ThreatAware has enabled Asper Investment Management to have full visibility of our cybersecurity. I only need to spend a few minutes to know whether our antivirus, patching, backups and firewall are functioning correctly. With the number of cyberattacks on the rise, I feel more confident knowing that ThreatAware is helping us to monitor and manage our cybersecurity.”

Asper Investment ManagementAsper’s mission is to provide superior service to institutional investors seeking to invest in sustainable real assets.

"The real strength of ThreatAware is in its simplicity. It provides our board members with real-time access to the status of our cybersecurity tools, enabling us to better identify and manage any threats as they arise. As a business we are acutely aware of the importance of cybersecurity and see ThreatAware as critical to our cybersecurity strategy.”

Host CapitalHost Capital is an independent Authorised Corporate Director (ACD), authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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