Effective cybersecurity combines the active management of tools and systems with the implementation of policies and processes. ThreatAware offers a unique combination of checks to ensure that every aspect of your cybersecurity is monitored effectively, from comprehensive asset management to live threat detection.

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A multi-point solution for all your cybersecurity tools

ThreatAware Systems allows you to manage the activity of your cybersecurity tools so you can pro-actively manage any vulnerabilities.

  • Red, amber, green risk indicators
  • Real time alerts to critical threats
  • Take ownership and track elimination of vulnerabilities

Track compliance with cybersecurity standards and internal policy

ThreatAware Operations provides a unique framework for conforming with regulations including Cyber Essentials and ISO/IEC 27001:2005.

  • Application of policies to multiple standards
  • Structured, management timeframes
  • Comprehensive electronic audit trails

Monitor your entire digital infrastructure in a single place

The ThreatAware Smart Inventory shows you the live status of all your security tools on all your devices.

  • Real time verification checks
  • Clearly identifies gaps in your cybersecurity protection
  • Aids resolution of missing Antivirus, Encryption, Patching and Web Filtering
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