Evolve your security defences

Dynamic Configuration

Leverage powerful dynamic tagging criteria to configure your environment exactly according to your policies.

Dynamic Tagging

These underpin the ThreatAware platform. Dynamic Tags can be generated from any field from a device. For example this maybe a naming convention all the way through to IP address or model of device.

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Stop alert fatigue

Design your security control monitoring to match your exact setup. When your monitoring systems mimics your live environment, every alert is real.

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Dynamic Data

ThreatAware allows you to aggregate deep level field data from multiple systems into a single field. This combined with dynamic filtering and shared views, gives you rapid access to the data you require.

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Ready to protect all your assets?

Leveraging its proprietary timeline-matching technology, ThreatAware ensures you have a complete, accurate, and non-duplicated asset inventory in real-time. No more guesswork – spot and fix deficiencies across your entire IT estate instantly.

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