Shift from Assumption to Assurance

Security Control Health

Immediately gain assurance that your most crucial cyber security protections are in optimal condition.

Continuously Enhance Defences

Dynamic Defences

Identifying the health of security controls is more essential than ever. See how ThreatAware can assist you in attaining unparalleled levels of cyber resilience quickly and efficiently.

Ready out of the box
Each control is pre-configured to monitor, no need to write any queries.
Highly Customisable
Through rules you can define which controls you wish to monitor and be alerted on.
Workflow Integration
Apply automated workflows on a per control basis to ensure the appropriate action is taken, every time.
Linked by Asset
Each control failure is linked to an asset to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by issue when a single asset has a fault.
Direct API Monitoring
By the alerts being generated by direct API calls, they are never buried in the native platform's interface.
Chrome Endpoint Lens
See the status of your controls outside of the ThreatAware platform and throughout your ecosystem using our Chrome Endpoint Lens extension.

Secure Your Organisation
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Uncover the power of advanced Cyber Asset Management - the most impactful change for preventing cyber breaches.

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