Limit your exposure

Continuous Controls Monitoring

ThreatAware can help with efficiently monitoring the status of the controls which are required for many of the Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 controls. ThreatAware is entirely automated in discovering your assets and validating the control status of the most critical controls. These include but are not limited to Antivirus protection, Patching, Device Encryption, Web Proxy and MFA. Having these monitored and audited every 30 minutes is a great way of maintaining compliance and keeping your business secure.

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

Explore how ThreatAware can show the gaps in your attack surface and how to reduce them.

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Cyber Risk Reporting

Provide the business accurate cyber risk reports which can help drive change to mitigate risks.

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Vulnerability Management

Examine how ThreatAware aids improving vulnerability management of a distributed ecosystem.

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Asset Management

View the power of combining API discovery, time-matching and dynamic configuration for next level asset management.

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Lifecycle Management

Discover how simple user and device lifecycle management the context of every asset.

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