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Lifecycle Management

Most organisations have now fully adopted Cloud technology. That coupled with the unprecedented move to hybrid working, lifecycle management of users and devices has become increasingly difficult. In many organisations it not uncommon for employees to join and leave without them even meeting the IT department. To track something so fluid whilst using traditional asset management tools and techniques is nearly impossible. ThreatAware allows you to see all of your users from multiple systems in one concise list with the various systems that they have user accounts for. Stale user accounts unused for a period of time are flagged for removal. You can instantly see all of the your devices which are accessing corporate systems and the relevant asset information. Asset detail manufacturer, model, warranty info, serial number and other such details. You can filter this information by logged in user, make, model or operating system then saved these views for future reference. This allows teams to easy manage large device inventories ensuring that the older computers are replaced within the policy timescale.

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

Explore how ThreatAware can show the gaps in your attack surface and how to reduce them.

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Continuous Controls Monitoring

Explore how to efficiently monitor the status of the controls on a continuous basis.

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Cyber Risk Reporting

Provide the business accurate cyber risk reports which can help drive change to mitigate risks.

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Vulnerability Management

Examine how ThreatAware aids improving vulnerability management of a distributed ecosystem.

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Asset Management

View the power of combining API discovery, time-matching and dynamic configuration for next level asset management.

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