Limit your exposure

Vulnerability Management

In the distributed ecosystem of the modern-day IT estate, comprehensive vulnerability management can be extremely challenging. ThreatAware simplifies the process in two ways. Firstly, our device inventory with custom views quickly highlights any devices with missing patching agents and/or patches. Secondly, with ThreatAware organisations can connect all internal and external vulnerability scanners and multiple patching solutions. In doing so, all devices and alerts are consolidated and triaged to leave you with a clean list of assets and their active vulnerabilities.

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

Explore how ThreatAware can highlight gaps in your attack surface and help you reduce them.

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Continuous Controls Monitoring

Find out how ThreatAware can help you efficiently and continuously monitor the status of your estate's controls.

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Cyber Risk Reporting

Learn how ThreatAware can support you in generating accurate, user-friendly cyber risk reports to help drive change and mitigate risks.

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Asset Management

Explore how ThreatAware’s API discovery, time-matching and dynamic configuration can support next-level asset management for your organisation.

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Lifecycle Management

Discover how ThreatAware can support you with efficient lifecycle management for every asset.

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